Laser Shows

Laser Beatles


The “Fab Four’s” best spanning 6 years and 11 albums becomes the background for dazzling laser-art and spectacular digital and analog effects. All ages and backgrounds will appreciate this fantasy tribute of music and light to The Beatles and how they helped define a generation.

Laser Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon


Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon) – Based on Pink Floyd’s 1973 album of humanitarian, political and philosophical empathy, Dark Side of the Moon is one of the most startling and bizarre laser light shows of all time!  Considered by many critics to be the album that brought the commercial breakthrough to Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon offers a mixture of psychedelic, rock and jazz sounds. Its sonic backdrops and atmospheric sound-scapes combined with a unique assortment of sound effects yield an emotional resonance. When accompanied by a diverse and unusual display of laser art, the overall feel is a dramatic and haunting atmosphere.

iPOP Laser Show

iPop Laser Show

New music from today’s Pop charts mixed with a classic from Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. iPop features sizzling stars, both past and present, in brilliant laser light.  This one is a guaranteed hit with the younger kids as it features songs from Justin Beiber and Ludacris to Katy Perry and the Black Eyed Peas.

Laser Led Zeppelin


For fans who came of age after drummer John Bonham died in 1980, Led Zeppelin can never be experienced live the way it was intended. That's where the planetarium came in.  In 2010 the Hylton Planetarium lured fans into a world normally reserved for star-gazing, where employees beamed laser animations onto a dome ceiling while tunes from bands such as Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and U2 played on the planetarium dome. It wasn't quite the same thing as being at a concert, but it was a step up from lying on the shag carpet in the basement listening to headphones.

Laser Holidays


It's an exciting and different way to be festive during the Holiday season! This popular program features a mix of everyone’s favorite holiday music, from the classical to the modern, all set to fantastic laser, cove, and digital artwork. And since the show is rated a two out of five for intensity, it is appropriate for family members of all ages. Laser Holidays is a fun experience for everyone and gives new meaning to the term “holiday lights” – holiday LASER lights!